Itself is important. Was the musician a trendsetter, did he begin a new pattern or activity, whose actions did he/she follow? regarded by the contemporaries? Claude Monet started impressionism with the painting “Dawn. Impressions”. Malevich started suprematism as growth on abstractionism, laying out the brand-new creative theory of the colour, the type and the structure of the paint. The harsh lines and raw colours in the fauvist paintings may be mapped back to Van Gogh. Do you assume there is something brand-new suggested in the painting you are looking at, or is there anything identifying concerning it?

THE GENRE This is easy. There is a limited variety of genres in fine arts for you to categorize the paint: is it a tranh theu picture, landscape, seascape, cityscape, category paint, fight item, historical painting, religious or mythological paint, literary painting, self-portrait, animalistic painting, naked, still life, or an abstract paint?


The fastest way to interpret a paint is to establish what movement it comes from, or at least what motions and designs influenced the musician. The style affects the selection and therapy of the topic, the shade, the point of view and the signs. Stylists, as an example, trying out the uncommon point of views – colours are laid separately to blend in the eye of the visitor instead of on the combination. In impressionism the light is more important than individuals it jumps off – fairly various from romanticism.

The historic history of the paintings

In romanticism you need to be a poet, a revolutionary, a gypsy or a trekker to make your way into the painting – they valued the strong spirit, the freedom and individuals who were various. Primitivist (naive) musicians portrayed things in a strong monumental fashion, as seen by a youngster who regards the world in its entirety, without examining it and burglarizing unnecessary parts. Insignificance you do need to try to find the surprise definition, and it’s definitely meaningless in pop art, op art, art nouveau or hyperrealism. Each style and style state its needs, so brush up on the motion the musician comes from prior to you continue.